Over 4,000 people trained from all levels of professions from front line to the board room, all levels of education and many cultures" "Their consensus comment about Public speaking Workout training is: "I wish that I'd had some training like this in school, college or earlier on in my career.

The EASIEST, FASTEST, MOST EFFECTIVE AND FUN (Yes! Believe It!) way to TURBOCHARGE your public speaking comfort and confidence. No matter your current skill level or confidence level, this 4 hour (private training) or full day (workshop - small group training) will lead you to a new and higher level of skills and confidence that you can use at work the next day.

Comfortable Confident Public Speaking is a life changing and career enhancing skill set just like any other skill set from academic skills to business skills; from art, dance and music skills to athletic skills. Public speaking Workout training provides you the opportunity to learn, practice and develop your public speaking skills every bit as much as basketball practice develops comfort and confidence in that skill set.

Since public speaking is traditionally taught in an academic manner, most of us have never had and skills training. This is comparable to someone wanting to become a basketball star by reading about basketball instead of actively learning, practicing and developing that skill set. You can't learn to swim without getting wet. To become a comfortable confident speaker, you must learn the skills and practice in front of an audience. This is the vital benefit of PSWO training.

Ed Skurka, "The Basketball coach of Public Speaking" (and "the guy who makes public speaking fun"), leads you through a series of confidence building exercises in a safe, supportive and encouraging learning environment where all participants are one the same team, supporting and encouraging each other. He is a caring, supportive and encouraging coach who wants you to become a star speaker in your world - whenever you have to speak or present.

Can you grasp the individual effectiveness opportunity available for you in this environment? And, the icing on the cake is that the entire training is actually fun and entertaining. Learning is always more effective when it's fun, especially with a great coach who wants the most and best for you.

The simple decision to take this training can change your life and enhance your career.

Over come fear and anxiety. Experience Comfort and Confidence.

What are your thoughts and feelings when you are the next speaker???

Are they filled with fear, nervousness and anxiety or are the comfortable and confident???

No matter your skill level or confidence level, Public Seaking Workout leads you from fear and anxiety to comfort and confidence. But, you must decide to take action to move forward to experience PSWO. You will never become a basketball star sitting on the bench. You must get out on the floor to learn, develop and practice your skills.

The choice is yours, stay stuck with fear and anxiety or become a comfortable confident speaker - quickly easily and have fun doing it. This skill set will change your life and enhance your career.

What is your first thought when you have to give a speech or presentation?

Is it fearful or confident?

Do you dread it or look forward to it as an opportunity to enhance your career?

Do you feel nervousness and anxiety or comfort and confidence?

How would you feel if you were a comfortable confident speaker?

How would you feel if your bosses and peers acknowledged you for being a comfortable confident speaker?

YOU can do it !!! Public Speaking Workout training can help you get there !!! Find out how (Click here)

What is Public Speaking Workout (PSWO) training and how can it help YOU?

Over 4,000 people of all levels of all careers, education levels and cultures have taken PSWO training.

From entry level to top management, from the front line to the boardroom, the concensus comment about PSWO training is: "I wish that I'd had some training like this in school, college or earlier on in my career."

Build comfort and confidence for any size audience, any venue for business, community and personal event speaking. Build comfort and confidence for speaking on camera for interviews, internet marketing and social media.

Training that Turbocharges Your Confidence. Mastery Makes a Difference.

Think of this training as a ‘sport practice’, a ‘boot camp’, a ‘confidence course’ and a ‘diagnostic test’ all wrapped into one. It is quick, easy, and fun (believe it!).
The very effective results oriented outcome gives you ‘almost instant’ confidence and experience to take to work the next day.

These same skills apply to all interpersonal communications both inside and outside of work. They are vital and key career and leadership skills.

Over 4,000 professionals of all careers and levels of experience, from the front line to the boardroom, have benefited from this training. The consensus response is,“I wish that I’d had some training like this in school, college or earlier on in my career.” It stretches your confidence. It changes your attitude. It turbocharges your experience. You will never be ‘exactly ’the same again. Enhance your sales, management, presentation and training skills.

Open new doors to leadership, change your life, enhance your career and take command of your audience.

Do you need a motivational and educational speaker for your next meeting or conference - business, organizations and schools?